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Concrete Cleaning and Trash Bin Cleaning in Turlock, CA

Trash bin cleaning

Shaden H. noticed her trash bins were ridden with stains and had an undesirable stench that was affecting her and her families lives daily. Along with the trash bins, she had noticed stains, dirt, and grime build up on the concrete that the trash bins were stored on. Shaden H. made the call to us, Aqua Kleansing, to resolve these to issues and have the Concrete Cleaning Service and Trash Bin Cleaning service preformed for her property!

Services: Concrete Cleaning, Trash Bin Cleaning

Location: Turlock, CA


Client Review

Living in the Central Valley, our garbage bins get really gross and so does the area surrounding it. I started looking for a place to do cleaning but there aren’t too many in the area. I found aqua kleansing after a google search and contacted them. The owner responded immediately and kept in touch with me with reminders about my upcoming service so I wouldn’t forget. Everything about them is extremely professional. My garbage bins are super clean and I also added the concrete cleaning service too and my concrete is a different color now from how clean they are. The price is also very fair and affordable. I am now a regular customer.

- Shaden H

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